Covid Safe Update

The announcement about a further easing of restrictions by the Prime Minister and Premier on Friday 12th June means that from Friday June 19th (Stage 2.5):-

  1. The number of persons (excluding staff) permitted in a room and outside, has increased to 75, as long as 1 person per 4m2 is achieved.
  2. For PNBC which has a 250m2 room and 250m2 veranda it means that a maximum of 62 persons can occupy each area (124 maximum).
  3. The total number of persons permitted at a venue is now 300, indoors and outdoors (including greens area) with 1 person per 4m2.

Stage 3 will begin on Monday 29th June, when there will be no room or venue limit but 1 person per 4m2 remains.

  1. The Club will now be able to schedule the AGM for Sunday July 26th at 10.30am. Official notices, Agenda, audited Financial Reports, 2018/19 Minutes, Nomination Forms for Board Membership will be emailed to all Members at the mandated times before the meeting.
  2. Friday Dinners will resume on Friday June 26th. A Menu and booking sheet will be available on the Functions Board. Orders must be placed before 5pm on Thursday 25th. There will be a limit of 4 or 5 persons per table and a maximum of 62 diners.
  3. Social Bowls days will no longer have a limit of 40. The sign-up sheets for each day will be on the noticeboard. Numbers will only be limited by greens availability.

Previous Rules below – Please refer above for current restrictions

Initial COVID Safe Plan for PNBC and the revised restrictions;-

  1. A maximum of 120 persons, are permitted at our Venue. 20 persons inside, 20 persons under the veranda, and 80 persons on the greens at one time. The next 2 weeks will be used to ensure The Club can comply with all requirements.
  2. Up to 20 persons are permitted in each room or enclosed separate area within The Clubhouse, providing the 4m2 rule is used to calculate capacity, and 1.5m physical distancing obligations are met when queuing, entering and exiting .PNBC’s Clubhouse is considered one room. Tables will be set-up for seating.
  3. Staff areas (bar, kitchen, office spaces) are not included in the capacity calculation.
  4. Families may sit together at tables without physical distancing, but the back of any chair must be 1.5m from the back of a chair at another table. 5 tables will be set up for use, inside and outside.
  5. Bar service is permitted, however drinks must be consumed away from the bar while seated.
  6. Meals cannot include buffets or salad bars.
  7. There must be strict adherence to seating, signage and hygiene requirements.

There will be a maximum of 20 Teams for the first 2 weeks of social bowls. (40 persons)

It is anticipated that as restrictions are further reviewed and organisational issues are fine-tuned more Members will be permitted at The Club for Social Bowls.

Please note Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are available for practice and roll-ups, weather permitting, with up to 40 persons.

At this stage the Clubhouse will not be open on these days.

The Board of PNBC will provide more information and clarification as it becomes available.

PNBC COVID-Safe Plan Record of Completion

PNBC COVID-Safe Plan – Completed 28052020